Scientific Officer

Prize4Life, a non-profit focused exclusively on accelerating the development of treatments for ALS, recipient of the 2011 Prime Minister Award for entrepreneurship and innovation, is looking for a scientific officer. We believe that biologists, chemists, engineers, clinicians, software developers and many others can all bring meaningful change to the field of ALS research, and victory over ALS can be, and should be, everyone's.  

To expand its programmatic portfolio, Prize4life is now recruiting a Scientific Officer.  The scientific officer will manage part of the organization’s programmatic portfolio, including several international scientific programs to promote ALS research.


Job description:

The Scientific Officer will report to and work closely with Prize4Life’s Chief Scientific Officer on the organization’s scientific programs, all of which are targeted toward accelerating the identification of treatments and a cure for ALS. Specifically, the Scientific Officer will be working on several of the following efforts (depending on the individual’s interest, abilities, and experience):

Management of infrastructure programs designed to broadly leverage efforts across the ALS research field
The design, launch and management of additional programs that will generate new solutions for ALS patients, cheaper and more accurate clinical trials andleverage talents currently not in use for ALS research
Relationship building with the scientific, philanthropicand patients communities, including outreach beyond the immediate ALS research community, and fostering the building of networks across ALS-relevant teams and disciplines through a wide variety of communications initiatives

In this role, the Scientific Officer is expected to demonstrate both rigorous and creative scientific and analytical breadth and increasing self-sufficiency and project ownership. Flexibility is required in moving between projects according to needs.

Responsibilities will include:

Program/Project Management

The Scientific Officer will be in charge of  Prize4Life's  Israeli based scientific enterprises, with include, but are not limited to 

- Developing and maintaining close relationships with academic, government, and industry researchers as part of building and managing successful programs to accelerate the identification and development of treatments and a cure for ALS Annual research meeting meant to foster collaborations and knowledge sharing among the Israeli ALS community.
On -going communication about relevant occurrences, grant opportunities and collaboration, in a targeted and specialized manner.

- Manage and support the organization's involvement in the Project MinE initiative- an international collaborative genetic initiative to transform our understanding of ALS genetics. Manage relationship with partners in and outside Israel as well as the day to day development of the project.

- Manage and support the organization activities in promoting better understanding of Israeli ALS patients, including several collaborations with Health insurers, governmental partners and more. for example, a recent initiative of the organization led to the first overview of ALS patients ever, by Health Insurer Maccabi Health Services.

- Support the organization's involvement in promoting technological R&D relevant for improving quality of life for ALS patients including

A prize for accelerating the development of Israeli assistive technology projects,  planned in collaboration with diverse academic institutes in SIrael
A first of its kind project around assistive technology for ALS

Developing and maintaining close scientific relationships with academic, government, and industry researchers as part of building and managing successful programs to accelerate the identification and development of treatments and a cure for ALS.

Scientific Communications

Scientific communication to non-scientists, including:

- Assisting in the production of materials sent to the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board
- Working with Prize4Life’s communications teams on PR-related needs for projects within portfolio
- Working with Prize4Life Development team onrelevant grant submissions and other funding relations


Please compose a tailored cover letter that describes your interest in furthering the mission of Prize4Life and how your experience satisfies its requirements.

No phone calls, please. Please email a detailed cover letter and resume to (Subject line: Scientific Officer) New job posting