Brainboost 2018 call



Brainboost 2018 call


BrainBoost Projects Application: The Sagol School of Neuroscience BrainBoost program offers grants in the field of brain disorders with a clear applicative potential (also in early stages) to develop them from the basic level to advanced next steps towards commercialization. Each project will be led by a selected fellow student. The student can be either MSc, PhD or postdoc level, with an excellent track record.  

We call for innovative solutions for brain disorders, in three main fields:

  • BioPharma
  • Devices
  • Software/Hardware Solutions

Criteria for the project selection will be:

  • Research quality and novelty of the project (40%)
  • Excellent track record and leadership skills of the BrainBoost student fellow (40%)
  • A clear applicative potential (even far) and feasibility (20%)

For more information about BrainBoost, please visit our website:

Amount and Period of Funding

  • Each project will receive funding of up to 120,000 NIS (depending on the student academic level and ranking of the project). This funding can be used for a BrainBoost fellowship/salary and for running costs related specific to the project as long as the PI is committed to provide a 200% scholarship to the student fellow or equivalent payment.  
  • The PI is requested to submit the project with a preselected student candidate that will perform the project and will commit to receive a dedicated mentorship by the program.
  • PIs who do not have yet a candidate student for the project can be assisted by the School to find a potential candidate before the final submission, please contact:


  • The BrainBoost fellows will attend specific training and personal mentoring with professional mentors from the business and industry ecosystem to equip them with entrepreneurial as well as R&D skills assist with advancing their projects to application.
  • The BrainBoost students will be expected to participate in all BrainBoost activities (events, seminars, conferences and courses – monthly basis).


  • BrainBoost accepts proposals from all Sagol School of Neuroscience affiliated PIs and grad students.  
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from outside TAU can apply and are required to include a Sagol School PI member that will commit to host them for the application.
  • Students can approach Dr. Dana Bar-On for assistance in matching to a relevant PI.
  • PIs and students should assign a letter of commitment to the BrainBoost program.   

Review Process:

A dedicated scientific committee composed of Sagol School members and experts from academia and industry will rank and select the projects annually, see the committee members:

  • Finalists (students) will be invited to present their project to the committee.
  • For more questions about the application please contact Dr. Dana Bar-On, 

Timetable and Deadlines

PIs or students that are interested to submit should send a Letter of Intent (please include: Project title, name of candidate student (if available already), hosting PI, Affiliations of both) 

3 Sep 2018: Full Submission

11 Oct 2018: Announcement

From 15th of Oct 2018 (Latest 1st March 2019):