BrainBoost innovation center

The Brainboost Innovation Center is a cluster of applied independent projects developed within the Sagol School of Neuroscience chosen from over 135 research labs from all over the TAU campus.


The goal

of the innovation center is to boost technology and research in brain science. The ultimate aim is to develop therapeutics, devices or software solutions for treating, preventing and curing brain disorders. 


research projects (funded for 2 years each) will be led by a team of experienced and exceptionally talented post-doctoral researchers that will receive funding for 2 years, as well as leadership and extensive entrepreneurship training and mentoring both from industry and from academy. 

BrainBoost projects

will be chosen by a Scientific Advisory Board composed of professional researchers both from the academy and industry. The fruits of the BrainBoost innovation center are expected to create the path for development of novel technologies and therapies that can be later on commercialized. In the future, BrainBoost technologies or science outcomes may be licensed by strategic partners or form the basis for new companies.